heavy weather

It’s actually been quite warm and nice where I live but heavy weather felt like a suitable title for this post. As it is currently the song I’m listening to (Heavy Weather by Billie Marten) and life lately just feels like heavy weather. An unpredictable storm. I feel like I’m out in 90mph wind and everything is just crashing into me. There’s no control and I don’t no how to stop it.

There’s something about a lack of control and a disorganization that makes me want to completely shut down. Or do something maladaptive. Things go wrong left and right? Pretend it’s not happening and act like you’re okay.

Then I remember that can’t be right. Normal people can deal with small things like this, right? Why does everything affect me so much. Everything just kind of hurts. I want to sleep for a few weeks but I can’t just drop my life.

Although, it would be nice to stay inside and away from the heavy weather once in a while.

Song: Heavy Weather by Billie Marten


A. Rose


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